Wonderful Indah Jaya is one of the largest and most well-known Towel & Linen suppliers in Indonesia.

Within our joint group company, we have sister companies that specialize in cutlery and wine distribution for the hotel industry. This demonstrates our in-depth knowledge and expertise in this field, backed by strong partnerships with businesses that share our vision and values.
Our unwavering commitment to quality has earned us a big reputation in the international hotels, restaurants, and hospital market shares in Indonesia and beyond.
With our very own factory located in Bandung, we are proud to provide excellence in the industry for the last five decades by producing 10 tons of yarn in a month.

At Wonderful Indah Jaya, we place a high-end quality
on providing our customers with only the best products –
from the finest raw materials to
the most modern equipment and cutting-edge design

Not only take pride in delivering products with no room for compromise, we also offer our clients solutions by generously providing ideas, insights, and advice to ensure they meet the highest service standards.